The Journey Begins

Originally posted 2016 03 13.

I have been playing with swords like objects since I was old enough to pick up a tobacco stick and a trash can lid, and pretend to be the knights like I saw on television and read about in books. When I was 22, I discovered that there were groups who played with sword like objects. A few years later, I found the Society for Creative Anachronism, and eventually transitioned to the fencing and cut and thrust community in the SCA.

I love fighting with swords, but between a lack of training other than going to fight practice occasionally, seeking assistance for chemical depression, and having a child, I ballooned up to nearly 300 pounds. At that point, it became obvious to me that I had to do something to get the weight off, both for my health and so that I could pursue my chosen hobby a lot better.

As of the time of this writing (2016 03 13) I’m down to 233 pounds, and I am continuing to lose. I hope that I can help inspire just one person who reads this to be in better shape, health and better swordspeople.

Keep the faith, and make the decision to get yourself in better health.


Daffyd von Atzinger
David Mitchner
2016 03 13

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